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Greg Buwick

I am driven to create solutions while standing in my client’s shoes.  As a result, long standing relationships have been built on trust.  I pride myself in utilizing years of expertise to work for you in the research, planning and implementation processes that are part of the game plan enabling you and/or your company to grow and succeed.

Tracey Wines

Understanding that insurance can be confusing and working with insurance companies can be frustrating, I enjoy coming to the rescue of our participants to solve their service issues.  Working everyday with the insurance companies, it is much easier for me to navigate through the landscape to service your policy to your satisfaction.  This valuable service allows us to enjoy unprecedented client satisfaction. 

Bryce Buwick

 I am a recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma Price College of Business with a degree in Business Management and Minor in Finance. I aspire to be a valued member of my client’s financial success by finding creative ways to lower insurance costs and provide the professional advice needed to build wealth.  I strive to educate, making insurance and financial services understandable for those who may not be familiar with the industries.