Group Health Insurance - Individual Health Plans

Small Businesses



Why Should a Small Business Offer Health Insurance to Employees?  

  • There are tax incentives and premium subsidies available to help you afford this valuable employee retention tool.

  • Small Group premiums are lower than the individual market.


Why you should use the Buwick Group: 

  • Our goal is to help save you money on health insurance benefits; We creatively structure a program to fit your budget

  • We are on the cutting edge of new products

  • We are in partnership with you taking pride in the ongoing service  of your account

  • We help keep you in compliance with the Affordable Care Act





Premiums:  Of the numerous health plans, our expertise enables you  to choose the best and most affordable option available.  Premiums are based on age and smoking status


It will cost you nothing to utilize our expertise and assistance.  Commission is built into the premium, whether or not you use an agent.  Since selections on the exchange are irrevocable for one year, we highly recommend that applicants seek our assistance in shopping and enrolling to be sure your decision is the correct one.



A study done at Harvard University indicates that 62% of all personal bankruptcies the result of medical expenses.